Al-Ahbash: Their History and Their Beliefs

By Z. Alzamil

Note: All information got from Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Demashqiyyah’s book about this bad group.

All praise belongs to Allah, and the Salat and Salam upon the Messanger of Allah Mohammad bin Abdillah.

Habashi’s History:

This group called Ahbash relating to their first leader Abdullah Al-Harawi Al-Habashi. He came to Lebanon from Ethiopia (Habashah), that why they called him Al-habashi. He left Addis Ababa after he made a Fitnah there its called Kolob Fitnah. The Addis Ababa’s people know him as Sheikh Al-Fitnah according to evidence from some of his relative. What he did there, he work with the ruler of Endraji -the son in law for the Ethiopia’s president Helaselasi – against Islamic Associations there, and he helped him to close all the Islamic National Association’s schools for memorizing the Holy Quran in Hrar city in 1940 ( 1367 Hejrah), and they issued their judge on the schools’ manager – Ibrahim Hassan- to jail him twenty three years, also he helped the that ruler to internment the scholars there. He did that for those people, because they are Wahabi. For that reason, the people called him after that is the Sheikh Al-Fitnah.

When he came to Lebanon, his followers there forgot his history, and he still does there – in Lebanon – as what he did before in Ethiopia, if you disagree with him in any problem you will be Kafir automatically, he said Al-Albaani and Ibn Baaz are Kufars, Ibn Taymiyah is Kafir and Murtad and Zendeq and he asked his followers to lit Ibn Taymiyyah’s books, Imam Al-Dhahabi is wicked, Sayed Sabig is Majusi (The people who worship the fire) and in the other side he praised Jamal AbdulNasir because he killed Syed Qutb. He asked his followers to hit or kill anyone who has beliefs different than their beliefs, to make sure ask the Lebanon’s Mosques Imams, ask Adnan Yasen, how many times they tried to kill him, ask Hassan Katuji, what he did for them to let them following him to hit an hurt him, ask Jamal Al-Thahabi and Abdul-Hamed Shanuha and others why they leave Lebanon. Try to listen to their Radio, and see what they described Sheikh Mohammed Al-Juzo, they describe him as lewd man.

In front of all these things, we could not find him or his followers did something toward the Batiniyah, but what he did in one of his lectures, he encouraged the people to appeal the aid from AL-Albeit, and there is no problem to say O’ Ali or O’ Hussein ( Ya Ali , Ya Hussein).

He also, gave some strange fatwas for his followers, he allow Al-riba (the interest) Some people said he is Jew man, however there is no clear evidence for that, but at least he has a lot of the Jew’s characteristics.

Habashi’s Beliefs :

Al-Ahbash claimed that they follow Al-Shafi’e. To make sure about that let us see their beliefs to know if they follow Imaam As-Shafi’s Beliefs or not.

1- They change the meaning of Allah’s attributes based on the desire. But Al-Shafi as all Ahlu-sunnah beliefs Allah’s attributes as what Allah (S.W.T) mentions them in His book and in the Sunnah of His Messengers without any meaning’s changing, exchanging, or misconstruction. Look what Al-Habashi and his followers said about ‘ Al-Istiwa’ ” Al-rahman ala al’arsh istawa” translation ” The most Beneficent (Allah) Istawa (rose over) the mighty Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty) -Taha verse 5- ,

what they – Ahbash- said about the meaning of this word ‘Istawa’ they said it means take possession of the Throne, that means there was a god before Allah , then Allah possessed the throne from that first god, which no Muslim will believe or accept that , Ta-a’la-Allah Oluwan Kabera. The meaning of Istawa every Muslim knows the meaning by the Fitrah, it means He (S.W.T) rose over, that set no more details such as how, because Allah (S.W.T) tells us in the Quran about his attributes something fit with human’s mind, we believe them as is, according Imaam Maalik, when someone ask him about Al-Istiwa he – may Allah have mercy on him- Al-Istiwa’s meaning is known, how is unknown, believe it is obligation, and to ask about is Bid’ah, then he asked this man to go because he is Mubtad’a.

2- Their Sheikh said that, The Quran’s word was established by Gabriel (Alih Asslam), and Quran is not Allah’s speech -look Izhar Al-Iqedah Al-Sunnyah P. 59-. Of course this idea is not new idea he came up with it, he just follows Al-Thalal’s Imams. This idea is not something simple we can forget it. Just think about that, if we said Al-Quran is not Allah’s speech that means it somebody’s else speech, that means it could have some mistake. If we look at the history, where this idea come from, and why they came up with this idea, we will notice that, they want to reject the Quran, but they could not find any way to prove that, It is deficient or incomplete, then they came up with this idea. When the Muslims believe that, it is not Allah’s speech then it could be incomplete or it is not perfect. Then we can change some of it while it is not perfect.

3- He – Al-Habashi – came up with some strange things, he said Allah is has ability on most of things – look Izhar Al-Iqedah Al-Sunnyah P. 59 -. Also, he asked the people this question, Is Allah able on him self or not?. Do you think Imam Al-Shafi believes these things or did he – may Allah have mercy on him- ask such question like what Al-Habashi did.

4- He -Al-Habashi- encourage people to go to the graves and appeal for aid from dead, also he allows to seek the protection from other than Allah (look Al-Daleel Al-Qaweem P.173, Bwghyat Al-Talib P.8, Sareeh Al-Bayan P.57-62). Also, he said Al-Awleya come from their graves to do people’s needs, then they go back to their graves ! (look Khalid Kanan’s tape /b/70). Also, he ask people to have Tabaruk by stone (look Sareh Al-Byan P. 58, Ithhar Al-Aqedah Al-Sunnyah P.244). Do you think Al-Shafi does or believe these garbage.

5- He is Jabri, he said Allah help the Kuffars on their Kufer, if Allah did not help them they will not be Kuffar (look Al-Nahj Al-Saleem P. 67).

6- He is Murji, he said Iman is saying only without deeds, i.e. , Iman is belief only , when you believe it is enough for you to enter Al-Jannah you do have to do any practice, he make Abu Baker and Abu Jahel is same, because both believe Allah. Anyone believe Allah is Mu’min either he pray or not, he does Islam’s Pillars or not. (look Al-Daleel Al-Qaweem P.7, Beghyat Al-Taleb P.51).

7- He does not care about the Judgment by Islam or other which is against Islam, and he describe the people who judge by human’s law (against Islam) and do not like to judge by Islam, he describe them as Muslim and Mu’min, also he allows helping them (look tape No. 318/1 side A). Also, he said any one who said at least one time in his life La Elah Ela Allah (No God but Allah) he is Muslim and Mu’min even if he does not judge the Allah’s Sharee’ah in his life, does not do any of Allah’s commands, and does not leave Allah’s prohibited. (look Al-Daleel Al-Qaweem P.9-10, Beghyat Al-Taleb P. 51).

8- He tries to get Shi’ah’s agree by talking a lot about the Fitans which happened between companions, and he insult Mua’wiyah (R.A.A) a lot and he – Al-Habashi – made him –Mua’wiyah – of Fire’s people, also he mention a lot of Shia’h’s stories about Mua’wiyah (R.A.A).

9- He – Al-Habashi – believe that, Allah created the universe and sent the Messengers without any wisdom, because if you said that, that means you put some reasons for that, and if you put some reasons that means you put some partner with Allah ! – Strange !! –

10- He -Al-Habashi- allows Al-Riba (the interest).

11- He allows to pray with dirty – Najasah – ( look Beghyat Al-Taleb P. 99-100).

12- He allows to play gambling with Kuffar, and allows to steal your neighbors if they are non Muslim. (look Sareeh Al-Bayan P. 133)

13- He insult the scholars beginning with the companions especially Mua’wiyah (R.A.A) ( look Ethhar Al-Aqeedah AlSunnyah P. 182). look to some of his tape like (tape No. 13/A/94) to see what he said about Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, also, look at (Al-Magalat Al-Sunnyah P. 15, 24, 26, 57, 62, 75). Look what he said about Imam Al-Thahabi, he said he is wicked, Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab murderer and Kafir (look at their Manar Al-Huda Magazine Issue 3 P.34). Sheikh Syed Sabiq is Majosi Kafir (tape No. 1/A/181).

In front of that, we find Al-Habashi is defending the bad people like Ibn Arabi which all his book is witness on his Kufr because he said something no one said it toward Allah even Jews and Christians.


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